I do not remember when was the first time I picked up the camera. I would say that I was born with. At 20 I began to photograph for some agencies, including Darica Fotostudio, where I have been to various parts of Italy performing services in tourism and sports. Later I worked with other photographers, professional or not, creating a humus that would allow me to work as freelance. Meanwhile I have always had a passion for music, which I considered indisputably linked to images and more in general the perception of the world through "sound images". This passion, led by Mo. Antonio Del Lungo (at the Association of Music Vincenzo Galilei), finally led me to attend 5 years studies at the Conservatory Composition Experimental School L. Cherubini in Florence (Mo. Rosario Mirigliano). Today, after experienced photography as a profession, I decided to change course, and to go into a more intimate relationship with the image. This choice is bringing me back to the origins of my experience, recovering the route that I had lost in the profession: for what reasons you choose to stop an image? Around this demand I am currently performing my job.


Most of the images we are used to watching strike us with violent force, the same tired after a while. Immediately we go further, to the next image, endlessly, at the mercy of an empty demand of perfection and beauty that is never fully satisfied. With these images I wanted to find a composition which, while having a strong emotional impact, not tired. Before you stop time, you have to wonder if you really want to relive that moment forever. The eternal instant must never tire the heart.

Michele Nobler


Artists, architects, restorers, workers, archaeologists, bodies or professionals dedicated to the artistic and cultural heritage, non-profit organizations,   or other professionals who want to take advantage of me for collaborations, stills, reportage, art reproductions, portraits, contamination,   are all welcome. I do not do cost estimates, as the service is totally free, except for any reimbursements for travel expenses, materials, etc.   Will be release to me rights for publication of the images, copies will be provided to be intended only for personal use,   under IT Articles 87 and 88 of Law 633/41. Any need for publication must be agreed. Anyone who can still ask or propose according to his idea.   I will guarantee an interview to all those who wish, in order to assess whether there are grounds to develop an idea together.   I shall devote the service only if they hold you in line with my research and with my work ethic, the respect of colleagues who live in this profession.   Precisely for this reason I make no services for ceremonies, or any other trade. Request a free interview


Partnerships with companies and non-profit associations, videomakers, reports on industrial sites or artistically relevant in a state of decay and neglect, social services, photographic reproductions of works of art, contamination between photography and other art forms (music, painting, etc.), portraits of artists, artisans, laborers at work, reportage theater, music, dance, etc.


Michele Nobler